Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Opology for the Masses

"Love means never having to say your sorry." These words from the 1970's classic romance A Love Story constitute the second dumbest words ever uttered on the big screen. The dumbest words ever uttered, of course, belong to Top Gun with the climactic You-could-be-my-wingman-any-day-No-you-could-be-mine repartee between Maverick and Iceman. A true cinematic nadir.

Back to the original point, anyone who has been married knows that love means saying your sorry no less than 10 times a day. Sorry I left my socks in the middle of the floor. Sorry for not putting my shoes in the basket. Sorry I allowed my body to produce two eggs thereby making it possible for us to have twins.(I am still waiting to hear that last apology from my wife).

However, with President Obama, it appears the love story he has with his supporters, particularly those in the media, bears far more in common with the sycophantic 70's romance than with actual love. No matter what he does, no matter how egregious the error, his supporters just won't say they are sorry.

Over the first few months of the Obama administration, he has committed blunders that are simply inexcusable. Yet his defenders in the media continue to deflect blame and minimize criticism. No matter how large a deficit he creates, no matter how desperately he clings to his teleprompter, no matter how many special education kids he insults, the Opologists will always be there, willing to turn the other cheek. For many of the Opologists, their willingness to forgive is about their only Christian virtue. In real Christianity, it is the Messiah who asks us to forgive others, but in the Church of Opology, it is others who ask us to forgive the Messiah.

The distinctions between Christianity and Opology go even deeper. After all, what is the biggest difference between President Obama and Jesus?

Jesus knew how to build a cabinet.

Barack Obama's difficulties putting together a cabinet really are the punch line of a joke. In the history of the United States, we have had only 20 total nominees for a cabinet position not end up getting the job. That makes the fact the Tom Daschle, Nancy Killifer, Bill Richardson, Judd Gregg, Hilda Solis were all nominated but never took office even more embarrassing. Even the ones Barack Obama managed to get through, like Timothy Geithner and Hillary Clinton, were not without their own bit of controversy. In fact, the only nominee Barack Obama has nominated without raising an eyebrow is Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense under former President Bush. When you least controversial pick is a former Bush appointee, you've got problems.

President Obama ran under the notion of Hope and Change, yet mere weeks into his tenure and he was using fear and panic to push his agenda. Even as a candidate, he was calling the U.S. economy the "worst since the great depression", a dubious claim at best. Then, as debate over his massive porkulus bill ensued, he warned that a failure to act would turn a "crisis into a catastrophe." Yet once the bill is passed, Barack Obama starts stating that, economically speaking, things aren't as bad as we think they are. Huh? Where is Al Gore screaming "He betrayed us! He played on our fears!" when you need him?

Concerning the state of the economy, Barack Obama is proving he intends to back up the words of his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, and not let a "good crisis go to waste." Barack Obama is using this current financial crisis as the largest bait-and-switch ever foisted upon the American people. Everyone, including Barack Obama, knows that we got into this mess because of a banking collapse caused by the toxic mortgage debt of people who bought more home than they can afford. So, with the banks in collapse and homes in foreclosure, President Obama proposes to solve the crisis by reforming our energy policy, fixing our healthcare system and improving education. To be sure, energy, healthcare and education are important priorities but they are not the cause nor the solution to our economic woes. Our financial system is bleeding to death and President Obama's only cure is to take more vitamins. So while President Obama doubles the national debt in order to fix the economy, he has yet to lay out a solution to the banking crisis that got us here in the first place.

President Obama said there were no earmarks in the stimulus bill despite the billions of dollars of earmarks written all over the document. Obama then said he would eliminate pork in the federal budget, but when the budget stop-gap needed to complete the fiscal year came out with more pork than a Hawaiian BBQ, he blamed it on Bush and promised that he would get rid of the pork next time. There is a word for that type of double speak; it is called lying.

Obama's hypocritical inconsistencies are legion despite the media Opologists insistence on turning the other cheek. He claims to support the troops while at the same time slashing defense spending and considering an idea that would force soldiers, including those wounded in war, to pay for their own healthcare. He ended military tribunals in Guantanamo bay only to re-instate them 100 days later. He lectures against deficit spending and run away government despite having created the largest deficit in American history.

While the Opologist's in the media will never bring themselves to utter those infamous words, it is only a matter of time before we all say we are sorry.


Loni said...

Love the post Joel! I always need you to keep me informed. It really is scary how crooked the government and media are.

But I have to tell you that it's not 'opology', it's 'apology'. It seriously took me about have the entry to figure out what you were saying. :)

The Average Joel said...

A little poetic license actually. It is like an apology, but because it is only in relation to Obama, I made it Opology. A little play on words on my part.

Loni said...

Ah, I got ya! Very cute. :)