Sunday, May 31, 2009

GayKK: The Mormons are Coming! The Mormons are Coming

Drop that Appletini and put on your white hoods because the Mormons are coming! The Mormons are coming!

This just about sums up the latest call to arms by the newest entrant to the GayKK, Californians Against Hate, who recently purchased ads in three east-coast newspapers warning of Mormon influence in the gay-marriage debate. The ads featured a Paul Revere-esque warning followed by an amateurish caution against Mormon influence in the marriage debate. Consider this abomination of rhyme and meter contained within the ad:

Listen my friends and you shall hear
Of Mormons coming, inciting fear
From Utah to Seven Northeast States
Gay marriage rights, they hop to eliminate

This whole advertisement, including the poem, is about as ironic as an insomniac slumber party. First, consider that this blatantly hostile, ignorant and inflammatory ad was created by a group entitled Californians Against Hate. That's like Hitler calling his propaganda machine Friends of the Jews. Also, you can't help but laugh at an ad that incites fear by warning about Mormons inciting fear. Apparently this whole organization was sick that day in English class when rhyme, meter and irony were discussed. One of the major complaints during the Prop 8 debate was about the Utah based church inserting itself into California politics. Yet here we have a California based group inserting itself into East Coast politics. Remember, the GayKK mantra is simple: It is good for me, but not for thee.

Luckily, three other newspapers in the east coast saw right through the GayKK propaganda and refused to run the ad stating "it borders on insulting and denigrating a whole set of people based on their religion." This of course is the modus operandi of the entire GayKK movement.

The Washington Post recently ran an article pointing out that the advertisements are just another salvo in the GayKK's fight to demonize the Mormons. This strategy is built around the fact that more people have Gay friends than Mormon friends. If the GayKK can play on people's fears and ignorance enough, they feel they can win the battle of public opinion, especially as it relates to gay marriage. As the founder of Californians Against hate stated in the article, "People will vote for someone because they like so and so, or because they don't like the other guy." In the case of the GayKK, they are trying to turn Mormons into the other guy.

Rick Jacobs, founding father of the GayKK and creator of the Kalifornia Kourage Kampaign (an organization I already discussed here) goes on to tell the Washington Post that Mormons "exist and flourish in this country because of the concept of equal protection. I find it just an irreconcilable hypocrisy that a group that rightly thrives within the essence of the American system would seek to repress and deny rights to another." Newsflash Ricky: gay marriage is not a right. While it may be perceived as such in some states and you may personally believe it is, nationally there is no federally protected right to same sex marriage. Hence the existence of the Federal Defense of Marriage act (signed by Bill Clinton) that allows states to refuse to recognize same sex marriage.

You know what is a right Ricky? Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Those are real rights, and Rick Jacobs and the other Knights of the GayKK seek to deny Mormons their constitutionally protected rights because Mormons fail to support their perceived right to gay marriage.

Gathering angry mobs to protest Mormon churches and temples, spray painting our places of worship, boycotting our businesses and publicly flogging anyone who dares vote their conscience are all methods used by the GayKK to deny Mormons their constitutionally protected freedom to worship.

Juxtapose the GayKK's hostile methods with those used by Mormons in support of Proposition 8. We simply voiced our opinion in public and in private and allowed people to vote. We did not spray paint the doors of gay activists. We did not mail envelopes containing a suspicious white powder to gay bars. We did not stand outside a business and shout down everyone inside because the owner had the audacity to make a $100 contribution to the other side. The GayKK may claim they are right, but they can no longer claim to have the moral high ground. They seceded that territory the minute they decided to demonize a minority religion simply for voting their beliefs.

One of the most insulting aspects of the GayKK movement comes from their inability to appreciate the sincerity and deep felt belief of the religious. As Rick Jacobs stated, "I certainly didn't choose to be gay. People make choices to be Mormons, or any other religion." Here Rick insults Mormons and all religious people alike by equating theological preference to ordering off the menu at Chili's.

I could no more deny the Mormon Church than I could deny that the earth is round or the sky is blue. For me to deny my religion would require that I deny the countless existential experiences that make me who I am today. It would require that I deny the answers to prayers I have received and the miracles I have witnessed. More importantly, it would require that I deny the whisperings of the Holy Ghost who tells me with a surety that the Church is right. I do not simply believe the Mormon Church is true. I know it is true. I am not Mormon because of genetic pre-disposition or choice. I am Mormon because of Divine compulsion and I do not believe the religious feelings of those aligned against gay-marriage are any less sincere.

I do not oppose gay marriage because I hate homosexuals. I oppose gay marriage because of my belief in the divine nature of marriage and the importance of family to our eternal salvation. Mormons are not the enemy and the GayKK would see that much more clearly if they simply would remove their white hoods.

To view the Washington Post Article click here

To see the ad for yourself click here


Loni said...

Shane and I both think this is excellent! Props for you for telling it how it is. And where do you get your awesome political cartoons?

Christa Jeanne said...

FABULOUS post, Joel. I was very, very much involved in Prop. 8 here in California, and you hit the nail on the head. I can't tell you how many debates I got in where people couldn't see the incongruity in their line of thought.

On a sidenote, through my profession I've had to work with the founder of Califorians Against Hate. The man is like a combined pitbull and chihuahua - incessantly yippy, doggedly tenacious and without any restraint. He'll do whatever it takes to get his way. Ick.

NealNews said...

Well said. Love your blog.