Thursday, February 26, 2009

Truth Deficit

It seems every problem the country faces is one that President Obama inherited from his predecessor. The Economy, the War on Terror, the Budget Deficit: all George Bush's fault. Truth be told, that George Bush sure had it easy; the only thing he inherited from his predecessor was a large bottle of stain remover.

With every action he takes, President Obama shows that George Bush, much like Homer Simpson's alcohol, is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. Bush leave you with a problem in Afghanistan? One of George Bush's troop surges ought to fix that. Bush dump a reeling economy into your lap? Try using another Bush-inspired stimulus package. Bush not keeping the country safe enough? Then you better keep the Bush-appointed Secretary of Defense.

About the only difference between this administration and the last one is that it no longer takes two gallons of Botox to get Nancy Pelosi to put on her malevolent smile. Now it just comes natural.

For all the Democratic talk of wrongful inheritance, there is still one anti-Bush boogey man that should have no legs: the idea that the Democrats discovered the deficit when they came into office and had nothing to do with its creation. This is simply not true.

During President Obama's speech to the nation this week, he mentioned inheriting a deficit four times. And each time Nancy Pelosi's minions would spring from their seats faster than Paula Abdul at a N'Sync Concert. But no matter how many times you say it was inherited, it does not make it true.

While this may be hard to believe, when George Bush was in office he did not spend a dime. The executive office has no approval over fiscal appropriations. While they can propose a budget, ultimately it is the congress that decides where and how the money is spent. This means every charge George Bush put onto Uncle Sam's credit card for the passed two years, came with a Democratic signature. Yet Barack Obama and his ilk have the audacity to act surprised when they walked into the Oval Office and opened up their first credit card statement.

To be sure, George Bush and the Republicans are far from blameless in the regard. But since Barack Obama has taken over, the national debt has more than doubled. Even TARP, the bank bailout from last fall, was voted on and approved by then- Senator Barack Obama.

Since then, President Obama has only added to the deficit with a stimulus package of his own. Yet knowing his reckless augmentation of the federal budget deficit, he still has the audacity to host "fiscal responsibility summits" and lecture the nation on personal responsibility. It is like watching Paris Hilton lead and abstinence-only clinic.

In the end, the only inheritance President Obama should be worried about is the one he leaves our children.

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Lewis Family said...

OUCH. It hurts because it's true. I keep telling Robert that Obama is definitely a "plant" by someone who wants to trash our economy. He's doing a great job so far!