Sunday, November 23, 2008

When the Gay Come Marching In

The ignorant, hate-filled anti-Mormon protests ranging from coast to coast deserve a serious, thoughtful analysis; an objective discussion of the feelings and emotions causing such animosity against the religion. Which is why I highly encourage you to go some where else and read it.

Here, I treat these protests with the same seriousness with which I treat our sacred political process (i.e. none). Below are some of the photos from these protests that gave me a hearty, old-timey chortle. Really, I would like to thank all those bigots who felt the need to disrupt our religious services because we had the audacity to disagree with you in a democratic election; I haven't laughed this hard in years. But remember: I am not laughing at you, nor am I laughing with you. I am laughing because of you.

The original drafts of this poster said go back to New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. Then they realized that Mormons had already been driven by angry mobs out of those states. I guess now we can add California to the list.

I think we can all agree that the word "Hater"= stupid=dumb. Thank you Jerry Springer for foisting that term on society.

With that type of Christ-like compassion, I guess this protester will be burning along side us.

I think the founding fathers would agree: Gay marriage is a far more protected institution then something as small and unimportant as religion.

They are right about this one. The Main entrance is actually around the back.

While being tolerated may suck, I think we can all agree it sure beats being persecuted by an angry mob.

We keep trying to separate the church from hate. Why do you think we build fences around our temples? Also, if you look closely you will see a German Iron cross. This of course has nothing to do with the church but appears to be the new logo for the Gay Rights community.

Now if this sign had said "Virile Mormons", I think we could all agree it is true.

Well, at least one of these hate filled bigots has a sense of humor.

Poster board and Markers: $5
Two Jackets: $50
Taking your kids out on a cool autumn night to advocate violence and untrue stereotypes: Priceless.

As this bishops house in Southern California teaches us, you just can't spray paint bigot on someone's door without indicting yourself. It is like a member of the KKK spray painting "Racist" on a black mans door.

Okay, I actually kind of like this sign.

Protesting LDS churches in California is one thing, but protesting 7 year old girls in Seattle, where they did not even vote on the measure? Way to keep it classy.

Oh, I'm sorry, how did this picture get in here. Same bigoted movement, different century.

And I'd hate to be part of a group that pushes ignorant, untrue stereo types.

When democracy doesn't get you what you want, I think we can all agree the next best option is petty vandalism.

If you look really closely, this reads "I Heart Religious Persecution"

Finally, Mike Huckabee and the Gay Community have something they can all agree on.

With this I conclude my opus on gay-marriage and anti-Mormonism (for now). While my respect for the gay rights community as a whole has diminished somewhat, my love and respect for the individual members that I know within that movement has not. If anything, this discussion has only solidified the high esteem in which I hold you in. I would conclude with one of my favorite quotes by Joseph Smith where he said "Come on, dear brother, since the war is past,
For friends at first, are friends again at last" but I am afraid the mere mention of something Mormon-esque might make some in the gay rights movement all angry-smashy-torchy.


Shane and Loni said...

These pictures make me want to cry and laugh at the ridiculous, insaneness of it all. I mean, come on, what are they thinking? I highly support a person's right to disagree, but vandalizing a person's home or church over it? How does that make the situation any better?

boymystere said...

Yes. There are some ignorant gays out there who are blinded by their anger. "Fight the issues, not the people," that's what I've been telling all my friends lately. I may disagree with just about everything you say Joel, but this topic, I can't argue with. Being hateful, and finding a group of people to point the finger at and blame, is not going to solve anything. The best thing we can do is just set an example, and show you and every other yes on 8'er that our relationships are a lot like yours... make friends with ya'll. We're more alike than you think. Religion might not ever accept us, or maybe if they do, it will be a few hundred years down the road (it usually takes the church a few hundred years to admit their wrong... I mean ask Galileo) but I think we can win you over on an individual basis. We're your neighbors, your doctors, your friends, your cousins, your waiters, your coffee shop baristas, your teachers, your children. One of these days, you'll feel good giving us these rights. Until then, I still adore all my mormon and religious friends. I understand that deep underneath all of this fear that has created all this mess, we are all just looking for the same things; love and happiness. So look out Joel, I'm coming over for dinner one day, and I'm bringing my husband (you can call him whatever you want, but in my eyes that's what he'll be) and maybe your kids will be in 1st or 2nd grade (Haha.. that seems to be the horrifying age that parents in the Yes on 8 commercials think is inappropriate to teach tolerance and love), and they'll probably ask questions about us and our family and my children. Hopefully, you'd say the same nice things I'd say about you and your family. It's never too early to teach children to embrace the differences in people because we're not going anywhere.